Where The Wild Plants Are


Nathan on Machu Picchu

Nathan’s Path is a radio documentary airing on the podcast Israel Story (The This American Life of Israel). The piece is about my encounter with shamans and shamanic plants in my efforts to heal myself of the side effects of cancer treatment (it begins at 19:40). Also available on any Podcast App….

Podcast: Israel Story, Episode 13 Sacred Plants, Act II Where the Wild Plants Are

More about my encounter with Huachumero, Sergey Baranov can be read here

Produced by Nathan Ehrlich

Edited by Julie Subrin and Mishy Harman

Sound Design and Mixing by Aaron Leeder, a New York based audio engineer, composer, and musician.

Additional sounds by Michael Reed, healing instrumentalist, shaman, and photographer.

Appearances by Huachumero, Sergey Baranov,

Psychotherapist, writer, and psychedelic Researcher, Dr. Neal Goldsmith Ph.D., and…

Wife, game-designer, and beautiful human being, Shula Ehrlich.

Watch this video on how Aaron Leeder, Michael Reed, and I collaborated to make the score.