Bob: A Teacher until the Very End

This audio slideshow was the final project of my advanced photography workshop at Columbia Journalism School.

It was my great pleasure to have met the entire cast of characters that comprise this astounding assisted living facility in Flushing, Queens. But after spending a few days here, it was clear to me that the most intriguing of the bunch was 75-year-old Bob Larkin, a religion teacher of 47 years in a handful of Catholic high schools throughout New York City. Bob has spent his life sharing his knowledge, much of which he humbly acknowledges was learned through his own mistakes. Contrary to my other Journalistic endeavors, my best photos came when I was myself first and a reporter second; when I could get lost behind the viewfinder and forget everything except for the moments happening and then passing in the frame. On such occasions, there was only me and Bob. And so, here he is, teacher, believer, learner, achiever, but first and foremost–human.